Multi-Jurisdictional Agreement

In line with their mission, CAPSA developed the 2020 Agreement Respecting Multi-Jurisdictional Pension Plans (2020 Agreement). The following governments have signed the 2020 Agreement, which will govern the administration and regulation of multi-jurisdictional pension plans (MJPPs) between their jurisdictions effective July 1, 2020: Alberta, British Columbia, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Quebec, Saskatchewan, Canada (federal).


Consultation Responses

Sept. 29, 2023CAPSA Pension Plan Risk Management Consultation
Aug. 4, 2023Coalition Letter - Response to Draft CAP Guideline No 3
Mar. 13, 2023Response to CAPSA Strategic Plan 2023-2026
Oct.14, 2022
ACPM response to CAPSA Cybersecurity Guideline
Oct.14, 2022
ACPM response to CAPSA ESG Considerations
Oct.14, 2022ACPM response to CAPSA Guideline on Leverage
Sept. 6, 2022 ACPM response to CAPSA Guideline No.3 
May 9 2022  ACPM letter re CAPSA Cyber Risk Guidelines 
Jan. 21, 2021  ACPM-response-to-CAPSA-Guideline-No-7-Final-Jan21-2021.pdf
Dec. 13, 2018
Dec. 13, 2018ACPM-Submission-CAPSA-Consultation-Guideline-2-Electronic-Communications
Sept. 25, 2018ACPM-Response-to-CAPSA-Guideline-No-8
Aug. 30, 2017ACPM-Submission-CAPSA-Consultation-Paper on Proposed Changes to Funding and Asset Allocation Rules
Jun. 9, 2016ACPM-Response-to-CAPSA-Governance-Guideline-review-(10-06-16)
Feb. 4, 2016ACPM Response to CAPSA Strategic Plan 2016‐2019
Nov. 9, 2012ACPM Response to Draft DC Pension Plan Guideline
Dec. 12, 2011ACPM Letter to CAPSA re: 2012-15 Strategic Plan
Jun. 8, 2011Response to CAPSA Consultation on Draft Guidelines on Pension Plan Prudent Investment Practices
Sept. 15, 2010ACPM Submission to CAPSA re: Guideline on Fund Holder Arrangement
Apr. 30, 2010 ACPM Submission to CAPSA Consultation Paper
Nov. 30, 2009 CAPSA Consultation Brief

Comment Letters


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Jul. 27, 2020ACPM-Submission-to-RPD-re-Actuarial-Bulletin-No-4


Ontario - Financial Services Regulatory Authority

Consultation Responses

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Oct. 30, 2008Draft Instruction Guide for Preparation of Actuarial Report of DB Plans 

Comment Letters 

Mar. 8, 2024ACPM's response to FRSA's Consultation on Proposed Approach to Strengthening Protection of Vulnerable Consumers
Jan.19, 2024ACPM Submission to Revised Proposed Guidance: Pension Plan Amendments No. PE0301INT
Oct.6, 2023ACPM Response to FSRA guidance on pension plan administrator roles and responsibilities
Mar.31, 2023
ACPM response to FSRA Proposed IT Risk Management Guidance (“Guidance”)
Oct. 4, 2022
ACPM Response on proposed guidance: Pension Plan Amendments No. PE0301INT (the “Proposed Guidance”)
Oct. 4, 2022
ACPM Comments on proposed Interpretation PE0302INT: Proposed guidance on actions to avoid deregistration of a pension plan under the Federal Income Tax Act
May 4, 2021 
Nov. 25, 2020 
Oct. 22, 2020 
Oct. 5, 2020 
ACPM Submission to FSRA Missing Members
May 26, 2020
Jan. 4, 2019
Jun. 1, 2012
ACPM Comments on 2012 FSCO Priorities 
Nov. 2, 2011
ACPM Comments to FSCO Finalizing Forms and Processes
Jun. 1, 2011
ACPM Comments on 2011 FSCO Priorities 
May 11, 2010
ACPM Comments on 2010 FSCO Priorities
Jun. 2, 2009
ACPM Comments on 2009 FSCO Priorities 

Québec - Retraite Québec

Comment Letters

Apr.17,2024Draft Regulation to amend the Regulation respecting the exemption of certain categories of pension plans from the application of provisions of the Supplemental Pension Plans Act published on March 6, 2024
Feb.9, 2024
ACPM Submission to draft Regulation to amend Québec' Regulation respecting supplemental pension plans published on December 27, 2023
May 18, 2023Draft Regulation respecting the funding of defined-benefit pension plans of the municipal and university sectors
Mar 31, 2023Actuarial solvency valuations for pension plans with members outside of the Province of Québec
Sept. 6, 2022ACPM Letter to Retraite Quebec re maximum interest rate assumption
Oct. 1, 2012Letter to the Régie regarding RRQ Newsletter Express (La Lettre express)
Feb. 10, 2012ACPM Letter to RRQ on Solvency

Saskatchewan - Financial and Consumer Affairs Authority of Saskatchewan

Oct.21, 2022ACPM Response to The Pension Benefits Act, 1992 Consultation Paper - Enforcement Tools and Other Potential Amendments


Comment Letters

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Apr. 30, 2012ACPM FATCA Letter letter to IRS 
Jan. 25, 2012ACPM FATCA letter to IRS (US) re Notice 2010 60