ACPM Members provide the experience and guidance that supports our work in the pursuit of an effective and sustainable Canadian retirement income system. We are committed to an innovative and responsive Canadian retirement income system that continues to be one of the best in the world.

ACPM Membership represents:

  • Plan Sponsors, Administrators and Trustees
  • Actuarial, Consulting and Accounting Firms
  • Investment and Legal Firms
  • Custodians and Record Keepers
  • Human Resource Professionals
  • Government Ministries and their Regulatory Bodies
  • Professional and Industry Associations

ACPM offers three types of programs:

General Individual Membership
This category is for individuals that are non-plan sponsors/administrators, retired or unemployed and adult students.

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Plan Sponsor Membership
This category is for individuals and groups that are plan sponsors/administrators, trustees and government employees

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Leadership Program
This category is for organizations who want the highest level of ACPM membership.

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