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Waiver of 1% minimum employer contributions on the Registered Plans Directorate

On behalf of our members, ACPM has received a statement of intention from the Department of Finance Canada to recommend an amendment to the Income Tax Regulations (the Regulations) to facilitate the administration of registered pension plans (RPPs) during the COVID-19 pandemic.  ACPM is pleased to communicate this relief to our members and thanks the Department of Finance for assisting Canadian pension plan administrators at this challenging time. Read the letter HERE.

Consultation Responses
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Canada Government Consultation paper

Comment Letters
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Jun. 22, 2009 ACPM letter to HRSDC re Proposed Changes to CPP 
Pension Review 
In January 2009, the federal Minister of Finance issued a Consultation Paper: "Strengthening the Legislative and Regulatory Framework for Private Pension Plans Subject to the Pension Benefits Standards Act, 1985".  ACPM participated in the public consultation relating to the Consultation Paper and submitted a response to the Consultation Paper. 

ACPM Brief To The Government of Canada on the Consultation Paper Entitled, "Strengthening the Legislative and Regulatory Framework for the Private Pension Plans Subject to the Pension Benefits Standard Act, 1985", March 2009

ACPM President's, Scott Perkin, presentation at the Department of Finance Consultation Hearing on March 20, 2009