Plan Sponsor Membership

The support and involvement of Plan Sponsors, Administrators and Trustees provides the foundation for the submissions, comments and guidance that we send to governments and regulatory bodies at the federal, provincial and territorial levels in Canada.
Plan Sponsor Membership*
Membership Fees (discounted from the general individual membership fee of $595)

Plan Sponsor Individual (4 members or less)
$495 ($100 discount per member)

Plan Sponsor Group Membership (5 to 9 members)
$445 per member ($150 discount per member)

Plan Sponsor Group Membership (10 or more members)
$395 per member ($200 discount per member)

Note: As of February 1, 2018, government employees that are demonstrably involved with issues related to pensions and retirement income are eligible for the Plan Sponsor Individual and Group Memberships.

ACPM is dedicated to the development of an effective and sustainable retirement income system in Canada. Our members are dedicated professionals that provide their expertise through participation in National Committees and Councils as well as specific subcommittees and task forces that address emerging retirement issues.
Take advantage of this special opportunity
for Plan Sponsors, Administrators and Trustees.
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(* - Includes Plan Sponsors, Administrators and Trustees. Does not include service provider administrators who can apply under the General Individual Membership category that is available HERE)