Am I eligible for the Plan Sponsor Membership?

The Plan Sponsor Membership is available to Plan Sponsors, Administrators and Trustees who manage their respective pension plans. The term "Plan Sponsor", when used in respect to the Plan Sponsor Membership, includes all eligible Plan Sponsors, Administrators and Trustees. Service provider plan administrators are not eligible for the program and should apply under the General Individual Membership category.

What is the difference between Individual Plan Sponsor members and Group Plan Sponsor members?

Individual Plan Sponsor membership is available for those organizations with less than 3 eligible individuals. There are two Group Plan Sponsor Membership discount options available - for organizations with 3 to 8 eligible individuals and for organizations with 9 or more eligible members.

What are the membership fees for the respective Plan Sponsor membership options?

The annual membership fee for Individual Plan Sponsors is $525, a savings of $125 off the General Individual Membership fee of $650. The Group Plan Sponsor Membership fees are a) 3 to 8 members - $475 each (savings of $175) and b) 9 or more members - $425 each (savings of $225).

How do I become a member in the Plan Sponsor Membership?

If you are a Plan Sponsor, Administrator or Trustee and are registering less than 2 individuals, you can register individually HERE.  For organizations that would like to register three or more individuals (group memberships), please click HERE or email [email protected] or call 416-964-1260 ext. 224.

What are the details for the registration of Group memberships?

All members in a group membership must be in from the same company or organization. Your application must include a primary contact person and their contact information. When the group membership is due for renewal, the annual membership renewal package for the entire group will be sent to the primary contact person for your organization; the other group members will not need to renew their memberships individually.

I am an existing ACPM Plan Sponsor member that is eligible for Group memberships. How do I proceed?

To discuss your transition to a Group membership, please email [email protected] or call 416-964-1260 ext. 224.

I am a new ACPM Plan Sponsor Group member. Can I add or subtract group members during the year?

The fees that apply to your Group membership are determined by the number of people you register when you submit your Group membership registration form. If additional member(s) are added or subtracted from your group membership during the year, any adjustments will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and communicated to you prior to any financial transactions that may be required.

Can my membership be transferred to another individual in my organization?

Your membership and its benefits apply to the individuals registered as ACPM members. However, you can permanently transfer your membership to another individual in your organization at no cost. To transfer a membership, please email [email protected] or call 416-964-1260 ext. 224.