What are the fees for General Individual Memberships?

The Individual Membership Program is $650 annually and the Non-active Individual Membership is $80 annually. Student Individual Membership is $50 for eligible students. Plan Sponsors, Administrators and Trustees should apply for membership under the Plan Sponsor Membership Program.

Can my membership be transferred to another individual in my organization?

Your membership and its benefits apply to the individuals registered as ACPM members. However, you can permanently transfer your membership to another individual in your organization at no cost. To transfer a membership, please contact the ACPM Office at [email protected].

If I become employed by another company, does my ACPM membership stay with me?

Yes, but there is no rebate if you cancel your membership in conjunction with the transition to your new employer.

Can I update my membership information online?

Login to the ACPM website, go to the "Members Only" section and access your membership record with your private login code and member number to make your changes online.

Can someone else in my organization use my membership to register for an ACPM activity?

No, your membership and its associated benefits belong only to you. Your colleagues are welcome to attend ACPM events as non-members but are subject to the non-member rate.

Membership benefits

Individual Membership Form - Online 

Individual Membership Form - PDF