Editorial Guidelines

a) Content will be reviewed and approved by the Editorial Committee. The extent of the content to be reviewed will be defined by the Editorial Committee (Articles, Ads, Videos, Legislation etc.). The process is: Content Submission - Content Review - Revised Content - Content Publication. Any content must be revised prior to publishing;
b) A content provider may support positions, e.g., mandatory PRPPs, that are not consistent with formal ACPM policy positions;
c) A content provider may support positions, e.g., Pro-Ontario Retirement Pension Plan, where ACPM does not have formal policy positions;
d) An advertiser may submit an article for publication subject to approval by the Editorial Committee;
e)  A content provider does not have to be an ACPM member or a member of an ACPM organization;
f) Content should not be overtly self-promotional or advertorial in nature;
g) Translation and proofing shall be at the discretion of ACPM.