Editorial Guidelines

"The Observer" is an industry eNewsletter that is published in the Spring and Fall of each year.
It is electronically delivered to approximately 6,000 plan sponsors, administrators and service providers in Canada.
There is no charge for published articles. Interested parties should notify us of their specific topic as soon as possible so we can reserve the topic for them.

  • The article:
    • Should not be self-promoting or advertorial in nature
    • Be between 650 and 2,000 words
    • Can contain links for further information
    • Should be submitted in English and French whenever possible. If you are unable to provide your article in English and French, we can provide the translation.
  • Include the author’s biography (250 words max) and profile photo (A high res/high quality JPG or PNG file)
  • The article does not have to align with ACPM policy positions
  • Associated graphics/images should be submitted separately
  • For articles that are preformatted, we will do our best to recreate, but we cannot guarantee that it will match the original
  • The article is subject to review and approval by the ACPM Editorial Committee (See below)
All articles are reviewed and approved by the ACPM Editorial Committee to ensure that they comply with the article guidelines. The committee also reserves the right to prohibit the publishing of any article based on overall value, tone, content and excessive self-promotion.

If you are interested in having an article considered for publication, please contact 
observer@acpm.com for details.