National Council

The National Council acts as a ‘Council of Councils’ and by doing so provides a forum for ACPM Regional Councils to share ideas and discuss issues and matters of common concern.  The National Council facilitates communications and the regular flow of information back and forth between the Regional Councils and between the Councils and the National Committees thus assisting in the coordination of ACPM’s national advocacy efforts.


Susan Nickerson, Chair of the Board
Todd Saulnier, Chair, National Policy Committee

Derrick Johnstone, Chair, British Columbia Regional Council
Maxine Smalley, Vice-Chair, British Columbia Regional Council

Michael Wolpert, Chair, Alberta Regional Council
Julie Joyal, Vice-Chair, Alberta Regional Council

Tim McGorman, Chair, Prairie Regional Council
Dale Markewich, Vice-Chair, Prairie Regional Council

Stephanie Kalinowski, Chair, Ontario Regional Council
Danelle Parkinson, Vice-Chair, Ontario Regional Council

Julien Ranger, Chair, Québec Regional Council
Pierre Lavigne, Vice-Chair, Québec Regional Council

Sarah Sissons, Chair, Atlantic Regional Council
Kiersten Amos, Vice-Chair, Atlantic Regional Council

Duncan Burrill, Chair, Federal Council
Eleanor Marshall, Vice-Chair, Federal Council