Executive Membership Engagement Committee (EMEC)

The Executive Membership Engagement Committee (EMEC) consists of representatives from the various sectors of the retirement income industry (plan sponsors, plan administrators, investment firms, law firms, consulting firms, etc.).  The Chief Executive Officer is also a member of the Committee. Working with members of the ACPM Board of Directors, other National Committees and Regional Council Chairs, it shall be the general mandate of EMEC to broaden the reach for available funds to assist in the ongoing advocacy efforts of ACPM.  They will develop a unique value proposition under the ACPM Executive Membership Program, which will demonstrate clear value in becoming an Executive Member and foster growth and retention of ACPM Executive Members. The Director of Marketing and Communications acts as the senior staff liaison to the Committee.

Al Kiel, Morneau Shepell

Joe Connolly, Morneau Shepell

Carole Field
Matthew Rotenberg, Manulife
Hugh Wright, McInnes Cooper
Michel Jalbert, Addenda Capital (Ex-Officio)
Ric Marrero, ACPM