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OSFI’s decision that certain pension plans do not fall under federal jurisdiction and must be registered provincially
Canada (Attorney General) v. Northern Inter-Tribal Health Authority Inc., 2020 FCA 63
OSFI Actions to Address Issues Stemming from COVID-19; COVID-19 Measures – FAQs for Federally Regulated Private Pension Plans
Replicating Portfolio Information Summary
Payroll Deductions Formulas - 111th Edition Effective January 1, 2020
Form 1 and Instructions – Attestation regarding withdrawal based on financial hardship
InfoPensions – Issue 22 – November 2019
Pension Plan Assessment Rate Schedule for PBSA Plans and PRPP Plans

Notice of Basic Rate


Actuarial Information Summary
Economic Statement – New Measure for Annuitants of Registered Retirement Income Funds
Bill C-13, COVID-9 Emergency Response Act
Final Standards – Amendments to Section 3500 of the Practice-Specific Standards for
Pension Plans – Pension Commuted Values
Reserve Force Pension Plan - Maximum of 35 years of pensionable service
Lamarche v Canada (Attorney General), 2019 FC 1303
Continuing pension payments when plan member is presumed alive
Threlfall v. Carleton University, 2019 SCC 50


RC4018 Electronic Filers Manual for 2019 Income Tax and Benefit Returns
General Information for GST and HST Registrants
5000-G, 5000-G-C, 5000-G-N Federal Income Tax and Benefit Guide 2019 (for all except non-residents)
Pension Adjustment Guide
T4001 Employers’ Guide – Payroll Deductions and Remittances; T4041 Retirement Compensation Arrangements Guide 2019; T4040 RRSPs and Other Registered Plans for Retirement; RC4178 Death of a RRIF Annuitant or a PRPP Member; and Death of an RRSP Annuitant
RC4120 Employers’ Guide – Filing the T4 slip and Summary; T4130 Employers’ Guide – Taxable
Benefits and Allowances; T4061 NR4 – Non-Resident Tax Withholding, Remitting and Reporting
2019 and RC4157 Deducting Income Tax on Pension and Other Income, and Filing the T4A Slip
and Summary


CAPSA Pension Plan Inquiries

CAPSA Strategic Plan 2019-2022

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