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Governments in Canada have long encouraged saving for retirement. Part of this is recognizing that a sufficient array of choices must be available to meet the diverse needs of people and the changing circumstances they will face throughout their lifetimes. The ITA should better reflect today’s economic realities and significant improvements in life expectancies. And it should also be amended to reflect new plan designs, like the target benefit plans.

As part of this recommendation, ACPM suggests raising the Factor of 9 to a Factor of 12, which would change the Canadian retirement system in the following important ways:
  • The money purchase limit would increase; in 2019, for example, it would increase from approximately $27,000 to $36,000; and
  • The RRSP Deduction Limit and PA calculation rule for DC Plans, in percentage of earnings, would increase from 18% to 24%, allowing DC plans and RRSPs to be on a more similar footing to the DB plan model.

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