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Ruling on Survivor's Benefits
Stalzer Estate v Stalzer, 2019 ABQB 658

Superintendent's list of financial institutions offering locked-in pension products

EPPA Update 19-01: Filing Fee for Pension Plans effective October 1, 2019

Assessment of damages resulting from the negligent misrepresentation of a pension plan member’s pension entitlement

Calder v Alberta, 2019 ABCA 289


Report on Stakeholder Committee Process

2019 Report on Pension Plans Registered in BC

Personal liability to the beneficiaries for a breach of trust
Trustees of the IWA v Wade, 2019 BCSC 1085

System Upgrade – Electronic Filing Systems

New Crown Agency Will Better Protect People’s Financial Interests


Dismissal of Claim
Hall et al v Canadian National Railway, 2019 MBQB 125


Amendment to the Pension Benefits Act Regulations

Retirement Benefit to be Available for More Injured Workers

Bill 45, Teachers' Pensions Act, 2018


Improved Funding Framework for Nova Scotia Pension Plans: The Road Forward

Bill 109: Pension Benefits Act (amended)


Interpretation of the collective agreement
Norfolk General Hospital v Service Employees International Union, Local 1, 2019 CanLII 81794 (ON LA)

Quarterly Update on Estimated Solvency Funded Status of Defined Benefit Plans in Ontario

Interpretation of section 86(4) of the PBA and section 34 of the Regulation.
Archibald et al v Ontario (CEO of FSRA), 2019 ONFST 16

Doctrine of contract interpretation to avoid rendering terms ineffective and meaningless
Austin v Bell Canada, 2019 ONSC 4757

FSRA Launches Technical Advisory Committees

FSRA to Promote Good Pension Plan Administration

Pension benefit entitlements in conjunction with a divorce proceeding
Van Delst v Hronowsky, 2019 ONSC 2569

Ontario Regulation 105/19

Proposed Regulation: Permitting the Payment of Variable Benefits from Defined Contribution Pension Plans

Proposed Amendments to Ontario Regulation 193/18 Concerning the Purchase of Pension Benefits from an Insurance Company

Surplus Withdrawal Applications

Frequently Asked Questions pertaining to Annuity Purchase and Discharge

Provision for Adverse Deviations (PfAD) and Funding Related Disclosures (2018)

Biennial Statements Required for Former and Retired Members

Surplus Distribution by Written Agreement – The Role of Legal Counsel

Application by Employer for Payment of Surplus on Wind Up of a Pension Plan


Financial and Consumer Affairs Authority of Saskatchewan Annual Report

Get the Most Out of Your Defined Contribution Pension


Mises à jour de l'information sur l'évaluation actuarielle
Rappels aux actuaires

Cotisations requises

Training for plan administrators

New Section on the Payment of Defined Benefits

2018 Annual Management Report

Regulation to Amend the Regulation under the Supplemental Pensions Plan Act

5 steps to plan your retirement

New Section Concerning Annuity Purchasing Policy for Supplemental Pension Plans

Regulation 374-2019, Funding of Multi-Jurisdictional Defined Benefit Pension Plans

Publication of the Regulation respecting the funding of multi-jurisdictional defined benefit pension plans

Actuarial Valuations of Supplemental Pension Plans: Assumptions and Methods

New Edition of The Pension Plan Administrator’s Representative Pamphlet

Refund of Contribution Overpayments Following the Regularization of Employment for Public-Sector Pension Plans

New Details on Multi-Employer Negotiated Contribution Pension Plan
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