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    • The Changing Canadian Pension Landscape
      by Chris Brown, LAPP Corporation

    The pension landscape is ever-changing in Canada and it is unexpectedly gratifying to be part of that progression. I say unexpected because I could not have predicted, when I first left the private sector for a role in public sector pensions, just how exciting and challenging things would become. 

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    • Accounting Rules do Matter and can Impact Pensions, and not Necessarily in a Good Way
      by Dale Markewich, SHEPP

    Many multi-employer public sector pension plans prepare their financial statements in accordance with Canadian Accounting Standards for Pension Plans and as a result, do not follow PSA standards. Why then is this a potential issue?

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    • Encouraging Retirement Planning through Behavioural Insights
      by Tyler Fleming, Ontario Securities Commission (OSC)

    Behavioural science research reveals that several barriers can prevent many people from creating a retirement plan. We collaborated with the Behavioural Insights Team (BIT) to investigate these barriers.

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    • Why Language Matters: Elevating Your Plan Member Communications
      by Mike Tuira, Invesco

    Plan sponsors are increasingly aware of the impact financial stress has on their employees. Beyond personal health, work and relationships, 41% of Canadians rank ‘money’ as their greatest stressor. A DC pension plan should help to alleviate that stress, not add to it. We believe that one key way to tackle this issue is through more effective communication.

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    • Fast-Growing Emerging Markets Offer Long-Term Opportunities
      by Rohit Khuller and Peter Burke, Letko, Brosseau & Associates Inc.

    Emerging markets have taken a key role on the world economic stage. Propelled by favourable demographics and rising incomes, these economies are growing at a pace twice that of their developed counterparts.

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    • Core Plus Bond Funds: What’s All The “Plus” About?
      by Ben Homsy, Leith Wheeler

    Core Plus strategies promise the best of all worlds: a core fixed income strategy, with a suite of sophisticated strategies layered on top to augment the return profile while managing risk. However, our analysis suggests that most of the additional returns that they provide is not generated by the sexy bells and whistles, but rather from adding exposure to corporate credit.

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    • Preparing to Weather a Stormy Future: Canadian Pension Plans Seek Long-Term Security in the Face of Changing Conditions
      by Ryan Silva, RBC Investor & Treasury Services

    Defined benefit plans in Canada have participated in the decade-long bull market, but can they protect themselves from future market downturns?

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    • Retire Later for Greater Benefits
      by John Dark, FCIA, President, Canadian Institute of Actuaries

    The Canadian Institute of Actuaries wants to nudge Canadians, governments and thought leaders towards a re-think of when people should start retirement.

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A collection of postings from the federal government, CAPSA, OSFI and the CRA over the last several months.

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Numerous postings from provincial governments and their respective agencies across the country.

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