Webinar (October 2 2019)


Wednesday, October 2nd
The Role of Liquid Alternatives

in Institutional Portfolios

In an environment of concentrated portfolio risks and low expected returns to public equities and sovereign bonds, investors have embraced alternative asset classes and strategies. This embrace has revealed a broad willingness to bear additional illiquidity risk.  Investors often associate this risk with a positive expected return premium.
Concurrently, liquidity remains an important facet of many investor portfolios. This includes mature plans with benefit liabilities to pay, and plans invested in illiquid investments for which the timing of capital calls is uncertain.
A common perception is that liquidity comes at the cost of a drag on performance. As a result, Liquid Alternative (LA) asset classes and strategies are often under-represented in portfolios.
In this seminar, we will challenge this perception. Based on three metrics —expected return, correlation, and tail risk mitigation— we will demonstrate that an allocation to LAs is a core component of a well-constructed portfolio, and can help investors target smoother, more attractive long-term performance.
By utilizing a broad range of long-only and long/short investment strategies across traditional and alternative asset classes, and multiple investment horizons, LAs complement allocations to illiquid alternatives, and diversify macroeconomic risk concentrations inherent in traditional, equity-centric portfolios.

Michael Sager, Ph.D.
Vice-President & Client Portfolio Manager,
Multi-Asset & Currency Management
CIBC Asset Management

DATE: Wednesday, October 2, 2019
TIME: 12:00pm–1:00pm ET

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