Webinar (June 17, 2020)



Wednesday, June 17, 2020
Economic Outlook and Investment Implications

How Is COVID-19 Affecting Your Financial Statements?

for Pension Plans COVID-19 and Beyond
Economic data continue to reveal the extent of the global recession caused by Covid-19 and economic shutdowns implemented in response. Unprecedented monetary and fiscal initiatives around the world will not prevent economies experiencing a substantial fall in activity. But they have succeeded in minimizing systemic economic risk, and have continued to restore market function, alleviate negative market tail risk, and underscore investment opportunities created by earlier price corrections.
Policy initiatives, including debt issuance and money printing, will also have long-term ramifications for the evolution of macro fundamentals between countries. Along with behavioural changes motivated by Covid-19, these fundamental differences will have important implications for expected long-term asset returns.
Please join us for a broad discussion of CIBC Asset Management’s current macro perspective of asset class return opportunities, and a deep dive to explore disruptions and opportunities in the Canadian Fixed Income and Credit Markets.

DATE: Wednesday, June 17, 2020
TIME: 12:00pm–1:00pm ET

Carlo Dilalla, CFA | Vice-President and Head, Client Portfolio Management & Solutions
CIBC Asset Management 

Michael Sager, Ph.D. | Vice-President, Client Portfolio Manager – Multi-asset & Currency Management, CIBC Asset Management 

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