Webinar (April 2018)

The Changing Pension Funding Landscape in Canada:

Provincial, National and Global Perspectives
Pension funding rules in Canada are changing, but what does the future hold? In a wide-ranging Aon webinar on April 18, we will explore trends in Canadian pension regulations from a global perspective, comparing them with U.S., UK and other countries, looking for clues as to future regulation here in Canada. We will also take a deep dive into recent and expected changes in provincial legislation, including Quebec’s 2016 rules removing solvency requirements; Ontario’s expected changes on solvency and going-concern funding rules; a discussion paper released by Nova Scotia, as well as Manitoba’s intention to review funding rules – with other jurisdictions to follow.

The presentation will include modeling of a typical pension plan and the impact of the changes, establishing the current contributions and volatility profile, then showing how it would change in Quebec and Ontario. As well, we’ll explore how public and private sector plans will be affected differently, and discuss the questions on plans sponsors’ minds: Should they still pursue de-risking? How should they adjust their investment strategies? Is it time to revisit buy-outs? Finally, the webinar will look at the changes in funding rules and their implications for funding policy development, as well as governance, benefits and plan design.

DATE: Wednesday, April 18, 2018
TIME: 12:00pm–1:00pm ET

Linda Byron, FSA, FCIA, Senior Partner, Aon
Jason Malone, FSA, FCIA, Partner, Aon
Nathan LaPierre, FCIA, FSA, Associate Partner, Aon

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