Prairie Council Sessions

Retirement Outcomes
What do your employees need to know
to prepare themselves for retirement?

"I don’t how much money I need to be able to retire”.  This is a common feeling of many individuals who are approaching their retirement years.  Every type of retirement program is designed to deliver some form of retirement income.  However, research has indicated that the amount of income individuals need in retirement is unique to each individual.

Please join us for an interesting and informative presentation that looks at retirement outcomes from both an employee and plan sponsor perspective.  The presentation will help plan sponsors assess employee retirement needs, assess the income replacement level provided by their plan and assist employees in determining what level of their retirement income will need to come from additional sources (government programs, private savings, etc.).  At the end of the presentation, plan sponsors will have a better understanding of how to set a target income replacement level for their plan and how to help their employees understand their role in preparing for retirement.  A well designed and communicated retirement program helps employees plan for their retirement date which leads to better workforce management.

SPEAKERS (both locations)
Louis Martel
Managing Director & Chief Strategist, Greystone Managed Investments
John Hallett
Retirement Strategist, Group Retirement Services, Sun Life Financial

Tuesday, May 22nd
Delta Hotel Regina, 1919 Saskatchewan Drive, Regina, SK

11:30am–12:30pm: Registration and Hot Lunch
12:30pm–2:00pm: Presentations
ACPM Members = $100.00 + 5% GST = $105.00
Non-Members = $150.00 + 5% GST = $157.50
Table of Six = $600.00 + 5% GST = $630.00

Thursday, May 24th
Delta Hotel Winnipeg, 350 St. Mary Avenue, Winnipeg, MB

7:30am–8:30am: Registration and Hot Breakfast
8:30am–10:00am: Presentations

ACPM Members = $80.00 + 5% GST = $84.00
Non-Members = $130.00 + 5% GST = $136.50
Table of Six = $480.00 + 5% GST = $504.00

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Cancellation Policy:
Full refunds will be made for cancellations received via email or fax no later than 5:00pm(EST) May 15, 2018.
Substitutions only after this date.