Special New Year Membership Discount

Special New Year Membership Discount
(for new members only)
Offer ends January 31, 2021!

ACPM Membership includes:

Plan Sponsors, Administrators and Trustees ♦ Custodians and Record Keepers
Actuarial, Consulting, Investment and Legal Firms ♦ Labour Organizations
Human Resource Professionals ♦ Government Ministries and Regulatory Bodies
Professional and Industry Associations ♦ HR Professionals ♦ Media

General Individual Membership Program
Includes service providers, non-active individuals and students.
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Plan Sponsor Membership Program
Plan Sponsors, Administrators, Trustees and Government Employees are eligible for individual and group discounts.
For more information on Plan Sponsor Individual membership, click HERE for more information and click HERE for the membership discount form.
For more information on 
Plan Sponsor Group membership (5 or more members), please contact Judy Lei.

For further details, please click on the links below:
  • ACPM programs and events:
  •  Timely communications:
    • “CONTACT” eNewsletter - to keep you informed on the latest developments;
    • "The Observer" – a popular “go to” industry news and views online publication;
    • CareerPost — online career opportunities for employers and career seekers;
    • Special access to member lists, information archives, and event presentations;
    • ACPM Retirement Literacy website quizzes.
  • Professional development and volunteer opportunities:
    • Eligibility to join Councils, and National Committees;
    • Voting and nomination rights at the Annual General Meeting;
    • Whether you decide to take an active role in ACPM as a volunteer, or as an event participant, you are adding value to your career and to your organization:
      • Attending ACPM conferences, seminars and webinars can be counted towards Continuing Professional Development hours!
      • If you pay your fees yourself, you may be able to claim it on your next income tax return!

ACPM has been providing timely information via online video sessions. 

For more information on the upcoming ACPM events, please click HERE 
ONLINE EVENT SPONSORSHIP - ACPM will be conducting numerous online video events featuring a wide variety of topics in 2021 and there are individual or bundled Sponsorship opportunities. These events will provide your organization with a high degree of corporate profile to senior management professionals in the retirement income industry. Please contact Judy Lei, Manager, Operations and Programs, at judy.lei@acpm.com if you have any questions.
ACPM has over four decades of experience as Canada’s leading advocacy body that represents the retirement income industry. Submissions are prepared and presented to governments, working commissions or panels prior to any legislative developments. In addition, ACPM crafts position papers on specific subjects of interest, which are then released to the retirement income industry, governments and the general public. Advocacy documents can be found HERE.

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