About ACPM


The leading advocate for plan sponsors and administrators in the pursuit of a balanced, effective and sustainable retirement income system in Canada.

ACPM enlists the talent and resources of its national volunteer member base to provide thought leadership on behalf of Canadian plan sponsors, administrators and their service providers, in retirement income system policy and advocacy.


ACPM believes in the following principles as the basis for its policy development in support of an effective and sustainable Canadian retirement income system:
Diversification through Voluntary / Mandatory and Public / Private Options
Canada’s retirement income system should be comprised of an appropriate mix of voluntary workplace and individual savings arrangements (“Third Pillar”) and mandatory public programs (“First and Second Pillar”).
Empowering Choice in Coverage
Third Pillar arrangements should be encouraged and play a meaningful, ongoing role in Canada’s retirement income system.
Adequacy, Security and Affordability
The components of Canada’s retirement income system should ensure a healthy balance between these three objectives to enable Canadians to receive adequate and secure retirement incomes at a reasonable cost for members and employers.
Innovation in Plan Design
Canada’s retirement income system should encourage and permit innovation in plan design in all three Pillars.
Canada’s retirement income system should be able to adapt to changing circumstances without the need for comprehensive legislative change.
Canada’s pension legislation should always strive for better harmonization.

Clarity and Transparency
Legislation, regulations and retirement income arrangements should be clearly defined and pension plan beneficiaries should be appropriately informed of risks, costs and benefits.
Good Governance
Excellence in governance and administration in the retirement income system.

Member Focus 
Understanding ACPM members’ views, needs and interests.
Talent and Diversity
The central role played by our primary asset: skilled individuals volunteering their professional expertise, while striving for diversity reflective of our membership and Canadian society.
Thoughtful Consideration
Balanced consideration of other stakeholders’ interests in the development of ACPM’s own policy positions.
Resource Management
Prudent investment of our human and financial resources in ways that best support the objectives of our Association and its members.
Accountability and clarity of purpose so that everyone involved with ACPM knows what is expected of them and others.